Custom Task Management

Easily manage emails by tasks, departments, teams, client accounts or any list you want to create. These automated Smart Boards allow for easy customization and optimal productivity.

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The less you use Aiko Mail, the happier we are.

  • Aiko Mail is packed with features designed to save you time on email.

    AI Summarizer shortens contents of your email in the preview and highlights important information.
  • Quick actions detect common tasks such as scheduling meetings, signing documents and sharing files, then turns them into single click actions.
See it in action

Fully Customizable

Dive into your fully customizable inbox—from the boards to the backgrounds and colors. And for the night owls, Aiko Mail comes with native dark mode.

Your privacy is our priority

Unlike other email platforms, Aiko Mail never saves your emails to improve its offering. As a matter of fact, we intentionally have no storage on our end for your emails.

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